The United States has been hit by more than 189,000

A report from Bloomberg News on April 1 said that China has hidden the world from the real effects of the Coronavirus epidemic.

US intelligence officials allege that China has not accurately verified the number of people killed by the virus. The US has already been informed about this.

American research shows that China has been accused of not telling the truth about the victims, nor has the country been telling the truth about its victims.

So far this report has not been released to the public, but Bloomberg has revealed that it is hidden in Chinese cats where COVID-19 virus first appears.

Chinese officials say 82,000 people have been infected and about 300 people have died. The United States is red with these figures.

The United States has been hit by more than 189,000 cases, following the death of 4,000. The US government has long accused China of not telling anyone the truth.

US President Donald Trump has accused China of causing the virus. US lawmakers in the United States share in the criticism of the Chinese government.

US Vice President Mike Pence has lamented China’s long-standing struggle against the disease since 2019 without other countries being aware of the situation.

But other countries like the United States are accused of taking precautions to prevent the spread of the disease. This may have caused the virus to become more infectious than China.

Besides China, other countries like Iran, Russia, Indonesia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and especially North Korea, are alleged to have been unaware of the impact of the epidemic.

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