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Innocent Ujah Idibia, better known by his stage name 2face Idibia, or 2Baba  has decided to team up with Olori Wuraola Zaynab Ogunwusi, Yeyeluwa of Ife  to put smiles on the faces of orphaned children from all over Nigeria. Tubaba  is one of Nigeria's best loved, most successful singer-songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur as well as one of the most decorated and successful Afro pop artists in Africa. 

In Recent times, Tubaba has demonstrated his empathy with the suffering Nigerian grassroots in the face of Economic hardships.  To take his acts of compassion a step further, he has joined a number of other musicians and artistes to perform free at the Give Back Concert, organized by the House of Oduduwa, through the Orphanages Aid Project, under the Auspices of Her Majesty, Olori Wuraola of Ife.

One of the most bankable artists in Africa, Tubaba has received one MTV Europe Music Award, one World Music Award, five Headies Awards (Hip-hop award), four Channel O Music Video Awards and one BET award for his musical work, four MTV Africa Music Awards, one MOBO award, one KORA award, and numerous additional nominations.

In performing free for the Give Back Concert, Tubaba intends to showcase the responsibility of true love, which is uplifting the state of the disadvantaged sectors of humanity and sharing the milk of human kindness. In one word, "care'.

Speaking in a press interview, Olori Wuraola, a champion of the cause of orphaned children all over Nigeria, said the objective of the Give Back Concert is to raise funds through a superlative performance, involving the greatest talents Nigeria has produced in the music sector. The musicians will perform for free and at the highest octane levels and funds realized from the sale of tickets, tables and sponsorships, will be used to renovate orphanages, pay school fees and buy books for orphaned children, pay hospital bills, buy food and medicines and perhaps most important of all, provide entrepreneurial training for the grown ones among these orphaned children, to enable them be self-employed and thus play their positive roles in the progress of the Nigerian society. 

Sponsored by Access Bank Payporte, with DSTV and EbonyLifeTV as Media partners, 20 orphanages selected across Nigeria will benefit from the proceeds of this maiden edition of the give back concert.  

Date of the event is 24th of February and venue is Eko Cnvention Center, Eko Hotel. Red Carpet Starts 6.00pm. Talented kids from orphanages across the country will also be performing. 

Tickets for the Give Back Concert are available in the following categories:  NGN 5,000 Regular.NGN 15,000 VIP

Tickets available @, All SLOT Outlets, and All Ebeano Supermarkets across Lagos.

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2017-02-25 03:25:26


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2017-02-25 03:36:19


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