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News FRACTURES - power. control. conflict. turmoil. desire

FRACTURES - power. control. conflict. turmoil. desire

power. control. conflict. turmoil. desire

14 & 15 Jan 2017...

Agip Hall, MUSON Centre, Onikan.

An authentically Nigerian adaptation of A View From The Bridge, Arthur Miller’s classic study of cultural conflict and emotional self-discovery, Fractures is a compelling tale of colliding worlds and the loss of control.

What Lies Beneath...

Idris and Nike live a mundane and predictable existence in the UK with their adopted daughter, Toju, until Dayo and Jide, undocumented immigrants the couple reluctantly agrees to harbour, arrive on their doorstep to push to the brink of eruption the volcano that has been roiling beneath the surface.

Drama. Comedy. Relevance

At its core provocative but inoffensive, thoughtprovoking but exoteric, Fractures is a careful balance of drama and comedy that explores familiar and socially relevant issues that resonate with audiences through an entertaining platform and captivating performances.
Continuing our vision to elevate theatre standards within Nigeria, Fractures has been designed with AbOriginal’s signature technical and dramatic rigour, employing one of Nigeria’s foremost directors, Kenneth Uphopho, and a highly skilled technical team.
Fractures will also feature a highly versatile, popular, and accomplished core cast drawn from the
overlapping worlds of television, music, and theatre, as well as talented up-and-coming performers, all of who come together seamlessly to create a thought provoking and fully entertaining dramatic work.

Corporate Networking

The popularity of the core cast, the familiarity of the themes and issues the production presents, and our interpretation of a famous Arthur Miller work present the perfect opportunity for corporate networking in a relaxed and entertaining form that is still refreshingly off the beaten track. Moreover, support of an art form associated with high culture will further Zenith Capital’s brand and Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, not just as a modern institution but also as one that is a Supporter of the Arts.

A Perfect Venue

As the best venue Nigerian theatre has to offer, MUSON Centre’s Agip Hall is perfectly suited to this mid-sized production. Its proximity to Zenith Capital’s corporate offices in Victoria Island is an added bonus for attending Bank executives—and for valued clients and partners.

AbOriginal Productions Limited.

Nigeria-based production company with a focus on promoting positive domestic and international cultural associations using audiovisual and theatrical entertainment content of, by, and from the Nigerian experience, for domestic and international audiences.

At AbOriginal, we recognize the enormous potential of the creative arts for challenging perceptions. By developing innovative entertainment platforms that celebrate and promote the rich Nigerian cultural tapestry, we endeavour to be at the vanguard of efforts to actualize this potential. Our subsidiaries are AbOriginal Theatre, AbOriginal Music, and AbOriginal Film.

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