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Event Date Jul 14th, 2018    Time 12:00:00

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The Thespian Family Theatre and Production in collaboration with Digital Peers International presents Ayo Jaiyesimi's ITAN (The Story) on the 14th and 15th July, 2018.

Ayo Jaiyesimi's ITAN (the Story) staged by THESPIAN Family Theatre & Productions is an intriguing award-winning epic play laced with both cultural and contemporary dance and music that will keep viewers at the 'edge of their seats'!

ITAN mirrors the impact of cross-generational conflicts prevalent in our modern day world through the battle for 'Generational' supremacy between a village elder, Pa Latinwo and his newly found 'city gangster' grandson, Dee-Kay.

Both strongly rooted in their beliefs, refuse to shift their grounds. TIME (personified as Asiko) catches up with them and takes them on a journey into the past and future where they discover dark secrets that had been shrouded by the veil of time.

Will Asiko's mediation save the day or tear both worlds further apart?

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