VENUE : Nera Hotels Lakefront

Event Date Jun 15th, 2018    Time 12:00:00

Total : N0.00

If you live in Abuja, come out and have a swell time this Sallah Holiday 

Crush Grill Festival  is holding 15th & 16th of June with Crush Chefs serving up the flavors once again. On the DJ wheels our host of DJs will be setting the Lakeside Event on fire 

As expected; vendors of all things  turkey, fish, chicken, shrimps, lobster, burgers, hotdogs, shawarma, cocktails, who are all set to spice up the day, with Crush Master Grill Chef Wizzy will also present a grill master class to guests who are enthusiasts.

Other side attractions include the wings eating competition, games, bouncy castle qnd slides for kids, watersports and lots more 

Wizdom Nicholas  (Chief Coordinator, Crush Grillfest) 

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